The concept of Yin and Yang comes from Taoism. Yin aspects represent the black side of the black-white taoism symbol; dark and passive. Yang aspects represents light and active. These two elements appear to be opposite forces. However they represent different qualities of energy forces. They interrelate to one another and one element does not exist without the essence of the other.

The morning is one of the best times to practice yin yoga when muscles are not warmed up yet.

In yinyoga we gently come into poses with healthy boundaries, draw the awareness inward with soft breaths and surrender to stillness to work with connective tissues for a while. We practice to observe, reflect and accept to be in the state of the present moment.

Long held passive yin poses stimulate and enable connective tissues to stretch. Yinyoga helps to increase the elasticity of connective tissues, the influx of blood circulations and energy flow. We feel calm but centered. Yin transforms to yang!

We feel more flexible and move freely and go deeper in yang practices with relaxed but focused mind. We mindfully, freely and joyfully come to Hatha poses to work on strengths and flexibility, and let the prana freely move through the body.

The practice leaves you feeling centered and energized with a peaceful mind!

Yin Yang Glow Yoga – in English
Time & Day: Wednesdays, 10.15-11.30
Kursstart: 11/4
Antal tillfällen: 8 ggr
Cost for 8 sessions: 1190 SEK (790 SEK for students, unemployed).
Lärare: Kimiko Gustafsson
This class is also open for drop-in.