Rebirthing plus sound therapy: Time for yourself – to clean, recharge and strengthen your inner I.

This program is held for the beginners who don‘t know anything about Rebirthing and Sound Therapy. At the beginning of the session we will talk about what these techniques are, we will explain how they are working and why we have put them together.  There is one very short answer to that: when they are together, they cause much more deeper cleaning and recharging effect than usually. It is a very deep meditation.

What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a technique involving specific breathing exercises which allow individuals to re-experience memories from the past and to release feelings and sentiments that are rebirthing-2suppressed/contained within the emotional physical self. It helps to release everything that you don‘t need from your inside and also to be more aware what you have.

What is Sound Therapy?

The stress of daily life can take a toll on our mental, emotional, spiritual as well as our physical well being. Most of us are “out of tune” with our complex physical and subtle bodies. People suffer physical pains and aches such as headaches and migraines, lack of energy and emotional pain like low self- esteem, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, fears and worries…

Sound Therapy and treatments have been used for centuries. Benefits of sound healing are numerous including stress and blood pressure reduction, improved circulation, increased blood flow, immunity boosting, anger reduction and much more.

What you have to do during the session?

At the beginning you will do Rebirthing exercises, later on you just have to lie down on the comfortable mat, breath normally and take in everything from the sound and The Universe. Through all this experience you will go with Lilita Palaiminiene and Aiste Venskune. Lilita is yoga and Rebirthing teacher with more than 17 years experience, as well as Tetha healing master; Aiste is Reiki master, sound healer, psychologist and coach.

Time & Date: Sunday 27th of November 14.30-16.30

Price: 295 SEK

Teachers: Lilita Palaiminiene & Aiste Venskune

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