ISHTA 300h teacher training, 2019-2020 (APPLICATION NOW OPEN! Please see below)

We’re incredibly happy to announce an ISHTA 300H teacher training, set in a modular format, starting November 2019, finishing in June 2020. Teaching during the training will amongst others be Sarah Platt Finger and Mona Anand, co-owners of ISHTA Yoga in New York City.

Module 1 (The physical body): November 11th - 17th, 2019

Module 2 (The art of touch): February 11th - 17th, 2020

Module 3 (Philosophy and the subtle body): June 1st - 7th, 2020

Price: Early bird, 35 900 SEK (extended until 10th of October)
Regular price 39 900 SEK


Module 1: The Physical Body
From a Tantric perspective, the physical body is made up of different densities of energy, which lead back to pure consciousness.  In this module, we will explore advanced yoga postures, sequencing, anatomy and physiology through an ISHTA lens. Learn how to teach to the individual in an intelligent, inclusive, and authentic way. Topics of study include but are not limited to: 

  • Posture Labs 

  • Advanced Topics in Sequencing

  • Advanced Topics in Breath and Relaxation

  • ISHTA Therapeutics

  • Advanced Injury Management 

  • Yoga and Neurophysiology

  • Advanced Topics in Prenatal  

Module 2: The Art of Touch 
In this 7-day immersion, we will explore the nuanced practice of giving hands-on adjustments to all body types. The art of touch requires mastery and sensitivity, and the ISHTA approach is one that integrates constant practice, feedback, and intuition. 

Physiologically, our hands occupy about 30% of the sensory cortex in the brain. From an energetic perspective, they are the transmitters of Shakti, which is the mother-nature force the governs us. The hands also relate to the heart and throat chakras, so how we touch relates to both how we feel and how we communicate. Learn how to apply the principles of ISHTA yoga and the seven segments of alignment to hands-on adjustments, enhancing both your teaching and your connection to your students. 

Module 3: Philosophy and Subtle Body
In this 7 day immersion, we will provide you with the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy and the subtle body in an accessible and modern-day approach.  Learn ancient and authentic pranayama and meditation techniques to help you gain clarity, reduce stress, and open up to an expanded vision of your true self and your life’s purpose. Topics of study include, but are not limited to: 

  • Tantric View of the Sutras

  • Yoga Nidra

  •  Ayurveda and Sequencing

  • How to Teach to the Doshas

  • Sanskrit

  • Advanced Pranayama and Meditation

  • Techniques

  • The Bhagavad Gita 

 Each lecture is taught by a Master teacher with over 15 years’ experience in teaching yoga.  Learn how to embody ancient wisdom in modern day life. 

 Requirements for this course: Completion of ISHTA Immersion or 200-hour ISHTA Teacher Training

Each module consists of 60 hours of contact learning (180 hours total), categorized by three different areas of study: The Physical Body, Art of Touch, and Philosophy and The Subtle Body. The additional, required 120 hours of assisting, mentor meetings, class requirements and teaching practices will be completed either with a Senior ISHTA Teacher in your hometown or in retreats, workshops, or at ISHTA Headquarters in NYC. Mentor meetings will be held digitally in between the modules. 

During the time of the training all participants will have the possibility of practicing unlimited at Raja Yoga Lund.

For anyone who’s completed a non-ISHTA 200H TT and would like to participate in the 300H TT, you need to complete the ISHTA Immersion Program. This will be available through audio file. You can find more info on the immersion program HERE.



APPLICATION for the ISHTA 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Congratulations on your decision to apply to the ISHTA Yoga teacher training program!

Please take a few minutes to review all enrollment requirements before proceeding. By signing and submitting this application, you confirm that you understand and agree to all requirements listed here.

GENERAL: I have read and agreed to all requirements of the training, including attendance and practice requirements.

I understand that should I miss or fail any aspect of the training, I may make up said aspect at additional cost, with the exception of a medical or personal emergency. I understand that this program is a serious commitment of time and energy, and ISHTA Yoga reserves the right to dismiss any student from the training for irresponsible or unprofessional behavior. Such circumstances may or may not warrant a refund of unused tuition.


● Tuition for the program is 39 900 SEK (35 900 SEK Early Bird rate, until 10th of October)

● Trainees who have not completed the ISHTA 200-Hour program must enroll in the ISHTA Bridge Program, at an additional cost of 3500 SEK. This program covers fundamental ISHTA material and is given through audio files and can be completed regardless of the participant’s location.

● A 5000 SEK deposit is due upon acceptance to the program; no exceptions. I understand that this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, and that my application will be fully accepted no sooner than I’ve made the payment of 5000 SEK (If I am not accepted, the payment will be returned.)

● Trainees will be notified of acceptance via email.

PAYMENT TIMING: I understand that the balance of my tuition is due in full no later than three weeks prior to the start date of the training in order to ensure my place, unless I have arranged (in writing) an alternate payment plan with the Teacher Training Department. To receive the 4000 SEK Early Bird discount, I need to apply before the EB deadline and my 5000 SEK deposit must be received accordingly to the invoice (approximately four weeks prior to training start date).

STUDIO DISCOUNTS & BENEFITS: Trainees receive a 10% discount on studio retail and workshops and unlimited classes for the duration of training.


● Cancellations more than four weeks before the training start date receive a full tuition refund, less the 5000 SEK non-refundable deposit. Cancellations between two and four weeks before training start receive a 50% tuition refund, less the 5000 SEK non-refundable deposit.

● In the two weeks prior to the start of training or after training begins, no refunds are available.

● Tuition is due in full three weeks prior to the training start date unless a payment plan is arranged.

● Payment plans can be arranged using the regular tuition rate only. Additional conditions for the payment plan apply. Payment plans are arranged individually upon request.

● No credits are given for absences due to illness or family emergencies. Make-ups may be arranged based on our conflict policy (additional costs sometimes apply). In order to ensure the highest quality training, we book the highest qualified teacher and must pay for their time and travel in advance regardless of absent students.

● ISHTA Yoga reserves the right to cancel any session or program at any time with full refund.


● Those interested in the ITA (In-Training Assistant) position must have the schedule flexibility to include 2-5 hours per week in addition to the regular teacher training curriculum. To apply for the ITA work-study position. Please email Rumika Choudhuri, and include a resume with all relevant office/administrative experience, as well as general hours of availability.

If you have questions about this application, please contact Rumika Choudhuri at

Thank you for applying! We look forward to reviewing your application.

Name *
Emergency Contact
Billing Information
You will be contacted upon acceptance to confirm payment details. Tuition balance is due three weeks prior to the training program start date.
Upon my acceptance, I understand that I will receive an invoice for the amount of 5000 SEK
I'm interested in participating in the Immersion Program, for the price of 3500 SEK, before starting the 300 H TT.
I'm interested in an individualized payment plan to cover the full tuition of the training
About You
Please answer all questions honestly and completely. All 300-Hour applicants must demonstrate successful completion of a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training course. Please submit a copy of your 200-Hour certification with this application and list your 200-Hour training institution as a pdf/photo and send to as you submit your application.
I'm interested in the ITA position
I have read and understand the terms of this application and have answered all questions honestly, completely, and to the best of my abilities. *