Join this workshop focusing on opening up the muscles around the chest area. Opening up this part of the body is a great way to improve your posture if you are having problems with a forward leaning posture. Opening up this area also creates freedom as we expand the space around the heart.

During the workshop we will learn some alignment principles for opening up the shoulders, upper back and heart area. Freeing up this area of the body will give you a new way of seeing life as you expand your breathing capacity and connect deeper to your heart centre – anahata chakra.

Teacher: Katerina Tahautdinova who will guide you in this workshop is an experienced Ashtanga Yoga instructor who regularly visits India to improve her own practice. During her stay in Sweden she is sharing the wisdom and knowledge she has brought with her here at Raja Yoga Lund. Read more about Katerina on her website

Time and date: 8th of May at 3 PM to 5 PM

Cost: 350 SEK (290 SEK Early Bird if you book and pay before May 1st)

Other: Note that this workshop will be held in English! It is recommended that you bring a pen and paper to take notes since part of the workshop will be a lecture.

Registration: Please fill out the form below to register to the workshop. When we have recieved your registration you will shortly get a confirmation and additional information from us via e-mail.


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