Invite Ayurveda to your daily life

Immerse yourself in ancient and time proof knowledge of life.
This workshop covers:

  • The basics of Ayurveda and its ancient philosophy
  • Exploring your ‘dosha’ or Ayurvedic mind – body type
  • Using the doshas to better understand ourselves, partners and others
  • 8 sources of unbalance: How life in the 21st century has the potential to unbalance all 3 doshas
  • Ayurvedic daily routine (Dinacharya)- why it makes sense to do a bit more than brush your teeth 🙂
  • Why massage is so essential in Ayurveda, and how to give yourself a daily massage – self care with love
  • Keep your nadis clear – more into breathing techniques
  • Champi – learn how to do head massage to others. don’t be afraid to put oil on your hair 🙂
  • Useful Ayurvedic herbs and spices, and some home remedies for common ailments.

Wanda Kruszyńska – Specialist in Ayurvedic Postpartum Care, she received her knowledge from the Sacred Window School (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA), also from Ayurved Sadhana (Superior, Colorado, USA) and Sri Sri Ayurveda Wellness Center (St. Mathieu de Parc, Quebec, Canada).
In addition, she completed postpartum care training with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurveda Institute in Albuququerque, New Mexico, USA.
For over 2 years, she completed an internship in the USA, gaining experience.
Her mission is to strengthen women after childbirth, restore harmony and restore postpartum period in the experience of spiritual transformation. Her quote “That all children should be happy and all Mothers know how to love their children” this is her main thought and dharma of her life.
With 8 years of experience as an Ayurvedic massage therapist and Ayurveda consultant.

Date and time: 13 th of the April, 10-13 a.m
Price: 490 SEK
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Will be hold in english