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Welcome to our FAQ-page, here you find information about our booking guidelines, and answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what your looking you are most welcome to e-mail us your question.

Rules for booking, cancelling & checking in
From 1st of March 2018

Booking drop-in classes
You can book classes up to 3 weeks prior, via our app or website, just like before.
Book through the app Raja Yoga Lund or the drop-in schedule on the website. Download and read our guide here (pdf-file in Swedish opening in a new page).

Cancelling a drop-in class
Cancellation is done at the latest 1 hour before class begins, via the website or app. If you’re having trouble cancelling your class please send us and e-mail to info@rajayogalund.se and we’ll help you out.

Not cancelled class is debited accordingly:
Clip-cards: First not cancelled class is retracted automatically from your card. After a total of 2 missed cancellations you will be debited 180 SEK.

Day-cards: After a total of 3 missed cancellations you are debited 180 SEK.

Checking in to a booked class
For safety reasons we want you to register your presence on the class by checking in with your membership card or by letting the receptionist or teacher know. The check-in is done at latest 10 minutes prior to class start. Not checked in spot will expire and go to members in the waitlist (if full class) or count as not cancelled class and be debited accordingly.

Regler för förlängning och frysning av kort
Gäller från och med 1:e mars 2018

Rules for extending and pausing memberships
From 1st of March 2018
Pausing your membership
You can pause your day card or clip card 2 times per year and maximum 2 months at a time, for a fee of 250 SEK per time. You don’t need any particular reason for pausing your membership. Just let us know in the reception, or send us an e-mail on info@rajayogalund.se and include between what dates you’d like to pause your card and we’ll help you out. When you return just contact us the same way and we’ll reactivate your card again.

Pausing your membership because of injury
If you need to paus your practice because of injury, serious illness or other change in your health (like pregnancy), you can pause your membership without cost if you have a statement from your doctor or the like. Visit us in the reception or e-mail us on info@rajayogalund.se and we’ll help you out.

Extending expired card
If you need to extend your clip-card you can do this with maximum 30 days starting from the expiration date, and for a fee of 250 SEK. You can only extend your card one time per membership. You don’t need any particular reasons for extending your membership, just contact us in the reception or on info@rajayogalund.se.

Extending expired card because of injury
If you had to pause your training because of injury or illness you can extend the card when your back, without cost. All you need is a statement from your doctor and we’ll take care of the rest. E-mail us on info@rajayogalund.se or visit us during opening hours and we’ll help you out.

Lost membership card
We want to be kind to the earth and ask you to take good care of your membership card! If you lose your card you can get a new one for a fee of 100 SEK. The whole amount goes to IM (Individuell Människohjälp), charity organization.

Can someone else use my clip-card?
No, your membership is personal.

If I miss one or more sessions on the course I’m taking, can I retake them another time?
Unfortunately that is not possible since you are booked on a course on certain sessions. For more flexibility we recommend our clip-cards.

When do I pay my course-fee?
You pay for your course in the reception with card, cash or Swish.

I signed up via your form on the website, but didn’t yet recieve any conformation. When will I get it?
When your registration in received via our website it has to be registered in a separate booking system. When that is done you will get a confirmation via e-mail. If you haven’t heard anything after a week we recommend you to contact us on info@rajayogalund.se

What are your guidelines when I need to cancel my course?
We have a 14 day return policy according to the Swedish law about sales online: If the course has started the client has the right to cancel the course prematurely. The arranger (Raja Yoga Lund) has the right to compensation for the part of the course that was already taken part in. In this case that means we will debit you for the sessions used/booked and an additional fee of 295 SEK. If the client cannot finish the course because of something unforeseen, like injury, the client has the right to cancel the course free of cost.