Welcome to Raja Yoga Lund!

We offer authentic yoga teaching for all levels and individual. At our studio, located in the heart of Lund right next to the University, you can choose from a wide range of classes both in Swedish and English. Besides yoga and meditation classes we also offer treatments, private yoga/meditation sessions, yoga teacher trainings and different kinds of consultations as well as host workshops with both Swedish and international teachers. Below is a brief summary of our different types of memberships and their prices. For more information on the specific types of yoga go to “Kurser” and choose the kind of class you are interested in, or click on one of the classes in the online schedule at the bottom of this page.


All of our courses are 8 sessions long and the price is 1190 SEK (790 SEK discounted price if you are a student, unemployed or on sick leave). The only exception is on our classes in Mediyoga (Medicinal Yoga) where the price for 8 sessions is 1390 SEK (1190 SEK discounted price), the reason for this is that you will receive a CD with the full yoga class so that you can continue your practice on your own. The second exception is our classes in Gravidyoga (Pregnancy Yoga) which cost 1490 SEK (1290 SEK discounted price). The reason for this is that we choose to keep the classes smaller, with fewer students, so that the teacher can offer a class that is adjusted so it’s perfectly suitable for the individuals taking the class.


You can also choose from our other memberships if you’d like to be a bit more flexible with your practice. We have a 10-class card that costs 1490 SEK (1190 SEK discounted price) which allows you to choose from all of our drop-in classes. This card is valid for 6 months but is limited for 10 classes. It is also available for 20 or 40 classes for 2490 SEK (1690 SEK discounted price) and 3990 SEK (2990 SEK discounted price). We also have period cards valid for 30, 90, 180 days or a full year, these cards gives you access to all of our drop-in classes for as long as the card is valid, for unlimited amounts of classes. These cards start on 1990 SEK (990 SEK discounted price) for 30 days and go up to 8990 SEK (4990 SEK discounted price) for a full year.


If you are completely new to yoga and don’t know what class to start with we have a starters offer which gives you unlimited access to all of our drop-in classes for 14 days. That way you can try the different classes and see which ones fits you best, or perhaps decide to take a course in a specific yoga style. This card is 295 SEK (195 SEK discounted price). During these 14 days you also have some additional discount on all of our memberships, just ask in the reception and we’ll give you information on the current offers.


For the time being we have several English speaking teachers. Usually you can see if the class is in English since it will say “Class Name (in English)”, but sometimes our English speaking teachers will substitute in other classes, so it can be good to check for their names at our online schedule. This schedule is updated daily. For the time being we have four wonderful teachers who exclusively teach in English: Kimiko Gustafsson, Mercedes Gillett, Wendy Sandsjö and Moon Herrick.


Our reception (located at Paradisgatan 1, see map below) is open 10-12 Monday to Friday and 16-19 on Monday to Thursday. You are welcome to visit us during these hours if you want some more information or if you want to buy a membership. You can also contact us by email at info@rajayogalund.se or by phone: 010-884 88 24 (only between 10 and 12 during weekdays).

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