Energy and Chakra Clearing Meditation Class

Join us for a weekly guided meditation class where together we will discover the chakra system of the human body, enhance the energy that flows within this system and use colour, light and affirmations to help our bodies and our minds become more balanced and peaceful.

Over the course of eight weeks we will explore eight of your soul level chakras, learn to activate each one with colour, light and affirmations and give you a beautiful tool for self-development.

Chakra Yoga & Meditation Class

The word “chakra” means wheel in Sanskrit. The chakras represent as wheels of life energy and 7 energy centers exist in the body. When each chakra segment is open and aligned, the physical, mental and emotional state is in balance. When one of chakras is out of balance, the life energy is not moving freely throughout the body. You experience the physical, mental and emotional disconnection with yourself or others.

In this chakra course, 8 classes will be given. For the first two classes you will activate each of your chakras through a guided visualisation by using colour, light and affirmations. This helps the body and the mind become more balanced and peaceful. From the third class you  will work with each chakra every week physically and mentally. A very short explanation about each chakra system will be given at first and you will be guided to practice pranayama, asana, visualisation, mantra and meditation. The healthy physical and energetic alignment is essential to the practice.

This Chakra yoga and meditation is designed for those are curious to bring a balance into your life or to get to know yourself deeper.

All levels welcome!

Spring 2018

Chakra Yoga and Meditation Class
Time & Day: Tuesdays, 19.15-20.30
Course start:
Number of Sessions: 8
Course price: 1190 SEK (790 SEK for students, unemployed, on sick leave, pensioned)
Teacher: Kimiko Gustafsson

This class is also open for drop-in.

Please note this class will be held in English.

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