An Ayurvedic Approach To Keep Your Inner Balance Throughout The Summer Season – a workshop with Kimiko Gustafsson

Join me for this workshop which is designed to pacify a Pitta (fire) imbalance for your whole well-being in the summer. The workshop takes place on Monday June 6 from 13.30 to 16.00 at Raja Yoga Lund.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian life science (ayur means life and veda means science in sanskrit). According to Ayurvedic teachings all human beings have a certain composisition of the three doshas (elements) Vata (air, space), Pitta (fire, water) and Kapha (water, earth). Summer is the season of Pitta dosha, with the transformative function of fire and water. The sunny and hot weather aggravates a natural heat in your Pitta constitution. If the Pitta dosha is out of balance, you become more controlling, competitive, impatient, judgemental and might have experiences with digestive problems and insomnia.

It is essential to modify yoga practice with lifestyle and seasonal changes in order to avoid overheating of your body and mind. At the workshop you will be given a short lecture about ayurveda and Pitta imbalance, followed by asana practice, cooling pranayama and a long meditation. I will also give you tips about essential oils and other tricks to stay cool! The workshop will leave you feeling calm and centered. All is welcomed!

Questions? Feel free to contact me when you see me at Raja Yoga Lund.



Price: 395 SEK (350 Early Bird, paid by Saturday 4th of June)

About the Teacher: Kimiko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She is a yoga teacher who completed 500 hours ISHTA Yoga teacher trainings in NY and in Stockholm. She is also a certified Yin and Chakra yoga teacher. Her practice and teaching has been inspired by Sarah Powers, O.P. Tiwari, Sudhi Tiwari and ISHTA Yoga’s teachers (Alan Finger, Sarah Platt Finger, Katrina Repka, Ulrica Norberg). ISHTA Yoga resonates with her because she likes and individualized approach to yoga practice combining with the tantric philosophy and the Ayurvedic system. She is honored to share her knowledge with other people and guide you to find inner peace within you! Be Curious, Courageous, Authentic and Get Connected.


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