Tap Away Anxiety: EFT Workshop with Richard Sykes 29/10

Do You Feel Overwhelmed, Fear, Stuck, Worry, Distracted?

Come And Tap Away Your Anxiety with EFT October 29

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, easily distracted or stuck?

Anxiety can be considered a type of stress response, typically involving a sense of fear, dread, or panic.  A brief period of anxiety is a natural, adaptive response to a potential threat, which puts your body into a heightened state of arousal to keep you out of harm’s way—your heart beats faster and your respiration increases as your muscles are prepared for action.

After a while the sympathetic nervous system is stuck on and the body is in a constant state of anxiety and stress. We then become hyper vigilant to danger. We can feel anxious when there is no danger, and find ourselves actively searching for something to worry about.

Being in a constant state of anxiety can make us feel low of self-esteem, confused, un focused, reactive, small and afraid. This can also lead to mental, emotional and physical disease.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you reduce your stress and anxiety by addressing the symptoms, and then diving deeper to heal root cause of the anxiety.

EFT is an effective and simple technique that focuses on the bodies energy system. When this energy system becomes blocked due to unresolved emotional trauma we become imbalanced, and this eventually leads to different illnesses.

EFT can be likened to Acupuncture, but instead of using needles we tap on the energy meridians whilst feeling the unresolved emotion. This allows the emotion to be resolved and released, allowing our bodies to heal. This then impacts our anxiety and stress level, allowing the para sympathetic nervous system to be activated and the body to feel calm again. To feel calm at peace and safe is our natural state of being. EFT can help bring the body back to this state.

Time & Date: Saturday October 29 at 15 to 17

Price: 390 SEK

Teacher: Richard Sykes

Registration: Book your spot by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

About the teacher

For six years I struggled with an ‘incurable illness’ that had debilitated my life. I did not want to take the tablets that the doctors were trying to give me to suppress the problem. I wanted to know the cause, and this created a relentless search for true health and happiness.

I obsessively read many books on the power of self healing.

I saw a noticeable change within myself through implementing much of what I had learned, but I was still not fully recovered or happy within myself. I decided to quit my lucrative careerrichardonetruereflection in sales, sell all of my belongings and travel the world. For three years I deepened my understanding of myself and life. I became qualified in several different alternative healing modalities including: Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Matrix Re-Imprinting. I also studied hypnotherapy, psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I spent months in meditation retreats, worked with a shaman in the middle of the amazon drinking plant medicine and was able to use all that I had learned to heal my chronic fatigue health issues. This momentum that was created drove me deeper and deeper into my own conditioning. This process / experience enabled me to wake up to clearly see the illusionary self that I had been identified with. I was then able to let go of that self layer by layer to uncover ME.

Through my own pain I was able to find my passion and purpose.

My life is now dedicated to helping other people who are searching for more happiness and well being. Working with hundreds of different people has given me the knowledge of why we are not living a life aligned with out true power and potential.

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